My Ballot for the 2016 General Election

Ballot measures (WA)

Initiative Measure No. 1433


Initiative Measure No. 1464


 Initiative Measure No. 1491


 Initiative Measure No. 1501


I-1501 – The Trojan Horse Initiative

Initiative Measure No. 732


Initiative Measure No. 735


Advisory Vote No. 14


Advisory Vote No. 15


Senate Joint Resolution No. 8210


County measures (King County)

King County Charter Amendment 1


King County Charter Amendment 2


National races

Presidential election

Evan McMullin (write-in)

Evangelical Views of the 2016 Election: Not the Lesser of Two Evils, Choose Candidate Evan McMullin Instead

Vice Presidential election

Nathan Johnson (write-in)

How to Vote for Evan

U.S. Senator for Washington State

Chris Vance (R)

U.S. Representative for Congressional District 8

Dave Reichert (R)

Statewide races (WA)


Bill Bryant (R)

Lieutenant Governor

Marty McClendon (R)

Secretary of State

Kim Wyman (R)

State Treasurer

Duane Davidson (R)

State Auditor

Mark Miloscia (R)

Attorney General

Rob McKenna (write-in)

Commissioner of Public Lands

Steve McLaughlin (R)

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Erin Jones

Insurance Commissioner

Richard Schrock (R)

Legislative candidates (WA Legislative District 11)

State Senator

Dennis Price (L)

State Representative Pos. 1

Erin Smith Aboudara (R)

State Representative Pos. 2

Changru Wang (write-in)

Judicial candidates

Washington Supreme Court Position 1

David DeWolf

Washington Supreme Court Position 2

Greg Zempel

Washington Supreme Court Position 3

Dave Larson

Washington Court of Appeals, Division I, District 1, Position 1

Michael J. Trickey

King County Superior Court Judge Position 14

Nicole Gaines Phelps

King County Superior Court Judge Position 26

David Keenan

King County Superior Court Judge Position 31

Helen Halpert

King County Superior Court Judge Position 44

Eric Newman

Eric Newman for King County Superior Court Judge Position No. 44

King County Superior Court Judge Position 52

Kristin Richardson

The Times recommends: Kristin Richardson for Superior Court Position 52

King County Superior Court Judge Position 53

Mariane Spearman

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