Jeremy Wang is a student of law at Oak Brook College of Law, slated to graduate in August 2019. He has been homeschooled since kindergarten, and he still does some home education and participates in some homeschool events. He also does his college studies from home though Oak Brook’s unique correspondence program.

26399047472_39356d7560_o (1)Jeremy is an award-winning debater and public speaker, having competed in the Stoa USA homeschool speech and debate league from 2013-18. He is now a coach with The Rogues, having trained several champion speakers and debaters.

DSC_1720Jeremy teaches music lessons, and accepts students who are eager to learn how to play the violin or piano. He is an accomplished musician in his own right, proficient at both the violin and piano. He is able to play with poise as a soloist, as an accompanist, or as part of any ensemble whether large or small.

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