Minorities Aren’t Supporting Sanders – Why?

Photo by Waging Nonviolence

A key part of Sanders’ platform includes reforms that are designed to help minorities.

As president, Sanders has promised to institute reforms designed to improve race relations, improve social justice, end racially motivated discrimination, and help lift minorities, especially blacks, out of poverty.

Sanders has constantly attempted to win broader support from minority groups, but hasn’t succeeded.

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Why a Ban on Semi-auto ‘Assault’ Rifles is a Dumb Idea

Photo by brian.ch on Flickr

A slew of deadly school shootings took place this October. In response, Senator Bernie Sanders, a Democratic presidential candidate, proposed a blanket ban on all semi-automatic rifles, which he labeled ‘assault’ weapons. He cited support from the ‘vast majority’ of Americans.

“Instead of people yelling at each other, we have got to come together on commonsense approaches which, in fact, the vast majority of the American people support. [… There is] widespread support to ban semiautomatic assault weapons, guns which have no other purpose but to kill people.”

Bernie Sanders

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