A Comprehensive List of Every Trump Flip and Flop since Election Day

America has put Trump into the Oval Office. It’s now on us to hold Trump accountable, and keep abreast of what he says and does. We owe it to America and our posterity to do our part as engaged and informed citizens.

This post is an effort to do so. If Trump makes a campaign promise, then reneges on it, that’s something the people of America deserve to know.  Continue reading →

Never Trump, Never Clinton

Donald Trump is now the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party, after both Ted Cruz and John Kasich dropped out of the nomination race earlier this month. The departure of those two candidates effectively cleared the way for Trump to win the GOP nomination.

Some people have asked me whether or not I am now supporting Donald Trump, considering his status as the presumptive nominee. My answer is an emphatic NO.

That answer holds true even if withholding my vote from Trump means handing the election to Hillary Clinton. That desperate scenario isn’t what we’re facing now, though. There are still six months until America goes to the polls. That’s half a year. There’s plenty of time for a third party candidate to come out onto the national stage, or for something else to happen that shakes up the presidential election.

Here’s why I still refuse to back Trump.  Continue reading →