Jeremy Wang is an attorney who is dedicated to fighting for justice. Jeremy is licensed to practice law in California and is admitted to the bar of the U.S. Eastern District of California.

He completed law school at Oak Brook College of Law, graduating with honors in August 2019. He passed the challenging California Bar Exam, one of the hardest bar exams in the United States, on the first attempt. With perfect grades in trial advocacy and appellate advocacy, as well as straight As in legal writing and research, Jeremy has demonstrated unique proficiency in researching, understanding, and articulately communicating the law.

As a debate coach, he has taught competitors who have gone on to win 1st place in all major forms of debate (Lincoln-Douglas, Team Policy, and Parliamentary). Jeremy has a track record of leadership; he inspires his students to strive for excellence just as he tries to do himself.

He is an alumnus of Stoa speech and debate. He holds numerous awards including 1st place parliamentary debate speaker, 1st place Lincoln-Douglas debate and speaker, 1st place extemporaneous speaking, and 1st place expository speaking. Jeremy can think on his feet and communicate clearly and persuasively to any audience.